R. Kelly All I Really Want
Baby, weíve been knowing each other 
For a long, long time
For something like this 
To just go and break up everything
Here we are just sitting here knowing we're all alone
My Rolleyís looking at me saying it's time to get it on
You know what I want and baby I know what you need
So stop hesitating girl and give your love to me
1 - All I really want is to love you baby
    Make your body feel like heaven baby
    I just wanna satisfy you baby 
    Thatís all I want 
    Thatís all I want
    I just wanna give you something baby
    I just wanna keep you company baby
    I just wanna make you happy baby 
    Thatís all I want 
    Thatís all I want
All of the fire places burning marshmallows just right
To whom it may concern you won't be coming home tonight
Body parts that he couldnít kiss girl I will kiss for you
Just put this CD on repeat and let me pamper you
Repeat 1
Now the swimming pools out back 
Come on and skinny dip baby
With breakfast in the morning 
Darling, compliments of me
In the middle of the night 
Best believe Iím going in
So hold your pillow tight 
Cause I wanna do it again and again
Repeat 1
Till the sun comes up 
Baby weíll be making love
And when the sun goes down 
Still we wont have enough
Take this love to cure 
It will take care of all your needs
Baby rest assure 
I just wanna set you free, free yeah
Repeat 1 till end